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What is a Digital Organizer?

What is a Digital Organizer??

Apr 11, 2023

Are you a Digital Organizer?

When you Google or search for digital organizer images, you get ones like these below—some showing actual files and other, showing some sort of electronic device where you can store and organize your digital 'stuff'.

When you Google digital organizer by definition, you find things like this article by EasyTechJunky that explains, and I quote: "A digital organizer is an electronic device that can be used to organize information, often data such as telephone numbers, addresses, and calendar events. These organizers are usually fairly small, easily fitting into a pocket, briefcase, or purse, and can store and display a wide range of information..."

Alternatively, you'll be referred to some or other piece of software like Planoly, Metricool or any of the other bits of software that will allow you to schedule and post to one or several social media platforms all at once. 

When you search home organization, Google kindly provides information about home organization systems or methods that will help you get things sorted, they refer you to personal organizers who help you declutter your home, office etc.

Inevitably you also find Marie Kondo, arguably the most famous organizer in the world!

Interestingly, there seems not to be any information about people or businesses who help individuals or other businesses to organize their digital 'stuff'!

I know the word 'stuff' isn't very professional but it groups together a whole lot of related things, when used in the correct context, so when I say digital 'stuff' I mean electronic files like .docxs, .xlsxs, jpgs, pngs, .mmps, etc. etc. etc.

It seems that there is some room for education about what's done by Digital Organizers and how we help business owners get clarity about where their electronic working documents, social media posts, intellectual property, contracts, client information, contacts, etc, are stored and organized.

I know I'm not the only person who works in this space and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's come up with a system to help others organize digital information, so I'm going to do some investigation into this and I'll be posting more about the subject regularly!

Have you ever wondered about the definition of a digital organizer? Do you even think you need one?

If you'd like to have a chat about your digital 'stuff' book a free, half an hour coffee (or something else) catch-up! 

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