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Anna Nolan, IG OrganiSZer client

  "I wanted a professional look for my Instagram posts as branding cannot be underestimated. My brand is who I am and Ursula understands this.

Ursula's system of organizing images, captions, colour choices, and fonts for Instagram posts is thorough and gives me a competitive advantage.

The post-purchase support is responsive and enables me to continue learning and meeting other IG Organiszer students. I am so happy and having lots of fun learning and growing my business.

Ursula is incredible with her breadth of knowledge and I can’t stop singing the praises of this wonderful system and highly recommend IG OrganiSZer to anyone thinking of setting up their business media.

I have not found anything comparable on the market."

Anna Nolan, Alternative Therapies Instructor, Australia

  "I'm a non-technical, technology-phobic person, who has been amazed at how easy the IG OrganiSZer is to set up and use.

Ursula has offered amazing support and I am keen to get everything happening.

I will certainly recommend this product!"

Sonya Nicol, Coach & Celebrant, New Zealand

Sonya Nicol, IG Organiszer client
Antonia Radon, IG OrganiSZer client

  "I was extremely lucky enough to meet Ursula during one of my first Zoom meetings in an Instagram Course back in October 2021!

Ursula is one of the easiest people to get on with and has amazing knowledge on how to keep organized with your files on your computer.

If you’re like me who has never spent much time filing pictures before, you're in for a treat! Hand on heart you’re going to love IG OrganiSZer.

Thank you so much Ursula for all you do, and the time and sole effort you have put towards myself and others.

You’re the BEST!

IG OrganiSZer will take you further than you ever thought! And is totally well worth it!

Antonia Radon, Arapawa Blue Pearls, New Zealand

    "The IG OrganiSZer is a life-saver for me!

I'm SO not organized with my files, just can't get my head around it, most of all I can't find my saved files the next day! This system makes my life much easier.

It's easy and understandably explained, every single step in detail—best course ever. Thank you, Ursula, for making not just my life easier, I guess for many hundreds as well.

It's a must have course, no questions asked!"

Steffi August, Coach, Author & Public Speaker, New Zealand

Sonya August, IG OrganiSZer client
Melissa Gunnarson, IG Organizer client

  "Ursula is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to digital organization.

Her IG OrganiSZer course teaches individuals how to truly get a handle on all of the digital artifacts that are created with an IG presence through a systematic approach.

She has designed valuable tools and assets that help to relieve the digital organization struggle. Ursula helps with more than just file management...she helps people get back time and life. No more hunting for files or videos or captions!

She cares deeply and has created a community of ongoing support and learning. I am so grateful to have met Ursula and learn from her. Each layer of the IG OrganiSZer that I implement makes my digital world a more beautiful and better place to be.

Thank you Ursula for everything!!"

Melissa Gunnarson, Nutrition Coach, USA

  "Ursula knows how to organize a computer/phone and was instrumental in me getting a handle on mine.

I put off for years what Ursula was able to help me unpack and get clear, on what I needed to do, in under an hour.

Her warm, kind nature made my novice technology-challenged self very comfortable to ask all my silly questions and get great insightful answers. 

I never knew this kind of help was available until Ursula. Take it from me, stop feeling overwhelmed in the files, downloads and pictures and connect with Ursula for a plan.

I really feel releasing that overwhelm has made it easier to concentrate on more incoming-generating activities. Time well spent for sure!

Casey Schmidt, Mind, Body and Eating Health Coach, USA

Casey Schmidt, Digital Organizational client
Anna Nolan, OrganiSZing Canva Course Client

  Liz Geeslin is my very first student from the day the course launched on the 16th of December 2022!

"When I first heard about the OrganiSZing Canva course I thought it might be too long or expensive but I was pleased with the length and the information and I thought it was a fair price.

Ursula did a great job keeping it very clear in her instructions and they were very easy to put into action!

What I liked most about the course, was why it is important to NAME things and how Ursula encouraged students to NOT look at the huge page of designs but go just to our folders.

Other benefits I found were that being organized makes being creative so much easier, it saves time and makes it more FUN!

I would definitely recommend this course because it was clear, not too long but covered a lot of good organizing information.

Ursula has a very nice way of explaining things and her platform for doing so was really professional, but warm!"

Liz Geeslin, Better Lifestyle Solutions, USA

    "I think if the OrganiSZing Canva Course had been more expensive, I would have thought twice but the price was a great deal and I liked the fact that it was a short course, easy to complete in an hour.

I liked the fact that I could organise different posts into different folders, making it easy to refer back to, rather than searching through all my designs.

I also liked the templates for stories and reels, so you could tell where to position images, so your design wouldn’t be cut off.

It was easy to refer back to when you forgot something. The way Ursula explained it was in simple terms with step-by-step instructions. All great for those of us who are not au fait in all things design but great for those who love things organised.

For all of the abovementioned reasons, I would definitely recommend this course.

It is a great, straightforward course and I love the way there was no upsell attached—I hate that!

Shonagh Brown, Shona & Co Collective

Shonagh Brown, OrganiSZing Canva Course Client
Anna Nolan, OrganiSZing Canva Course Client

  Anna Nolan is a returning IG OrgsniSZer student

"I couldn’t wait to purchase the OrganiSZing Canva Course as I am a returned customer recognizing quality and value in IG OrganiSZer products. I was not disappointed. The course was delivered methodically, and I loved the clarity of the 'Points to Remember' summary at the end of each lesson.

As a result of buying this course I understand the process of creating designs and have confidence in using Canva to create templates, graphics and more. I specifically liked learning how to name and save my creations to the appropriate file for easy access. I loved the idea of ‘Brand Templates' for my business. I have found that my eye is drawn to consistent style and vibe in social media posts and see it as the point of difference in attracting and keeping customers to any Instagram page and Website.

Specifically, I love that this small investment provides so much. The 'Extras’ section is loaded with enhancements to finding, starring and saving elements and much more. These are updated as new offerings appear in Canva.

I have watched many YouTube tutorials on Canva and found them complicated because I sensed they missed telling us about the basics. Finding your hard work easily in Canva cannot be overemphasised. The OrganiSZing Canva Course provides the foundations to building eye-catching content, filing it correctly and stress-free recovery of your designs etc.

I would highly recommend this very inexpensive course to anyone who appreciates not wasting time looking for their work. An investment in efficiency and accuracy is priceless."

Anna Nolan, Alternative Therapies Instructor, Australia


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