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OrganiSZing Canva 'Doing it Sesh'
OrganiSZing Canva Course DIY
Start IG Organizing today

Organize & post your scroll-stopping Instagram content quicker, easier and with less stress

Organize & post your scroll-stopping content faster, easier and with less stress

OrganiSZing Canva Doing it Sesh
OrganiSZing Canva Course DIY
Start OrganiSZing Today

Simplify and safeguard your Instagramming 

You've got hundreds of videos, images and reels. Trouble is, you keep losing the one you need to post now!?

Imagine if you knew...

  • exactly where to keep your incredible content safe and easy to use;
  • what to name your files, so it’s super-quick to find the right one when you need it;
  • you had a full backup in case you got locked out of your Instagram account and you had to start from scratch?

Now you can have all your content at your fingertips, keep your social media activity up to date and know you're covered in case of a disastrous account mishap.

Get organized today

Get organized & free up your brain space

I can relieve your stress by teaching you how to organize your social media content that's saved on your computer. This will save you time and free up your brain space so you can focus on your business.

If keeping your Instagram content (images, videos and captions) organized, is something you care about but find a bit daunting, I'd love to help.

If you can't find those images or graphics that you've just created, I've got an easy, step-by-step solution for you.


"The IG OrganiSZer is a life-saver for me!

I'm SO not organized with my files, just can't get my head around it, most of all I can't find my saved files the next day! This system makes my life much easier.

It's easy and understandably explained, every single step in detail—best course ever. Thank you, Ursula, for making not just my life easier, I guess for many hundreds as well.

It's a must have course, no questions asked!"

Steffi August, Coach, Author & Public Speaker

Steffi August, Public Speaker and IGOrganiszer client

How I can help you

With over 30 years' worth of experience in electronic filing systems and organizing digital assets, I've realized I've become a little bit good at it.

Using the experience I have gained across many industries, I will show you how to organize Instagram posts using my step-by-step system, so that you know exactly where everything is.

Let me teach you how to easily create order out of the chaos in your digital filing system.

Get organized today

About me

Ursula Hurn, founder of IGOrganiszer

Hi there! 

Maybe you've tried some of the other options out there for scheduling and planning your Instagram content.

You have probably found however, they don't actually help you with organizing the content you're creating on your computer.

I've created the IG OrganiSZer® system and online course to help small business owners and solopreneurs like yourself, to use Instagram more efficiently.

I teach you how to name, organize and more importantly, find all the valuable content you create—when you need it and thereby take the stress out of managing your social media presence.

Are you ready to learn how to organize content for social media?

If you are, take the first step to start moving toward your goal!

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Learn my 5 key steps

Not quite ready to jump in yet? Watch my free training and learn my 5 key steps to start organizing on your own and get a special discount.

Free online training

Don't reinvent the wheel...

Purchase the IG OrganiSZer® and start organizing your Instagram content without delay, using a system designed specifically for that purpose.

Start organizing

An Introduction to the IG OrganiSZer®


I created the IG OrganiSZer®

to teach you how to organize and de-clutter your Instagram content, and have a fail safe backup in case you lose your account.

Canva a mess? Get my OrganiSZing Canva Course!

In under an hour, you'll have all the tools to start organizing your Canva designs & files.

It's US$29.50 (one-off fee), so click the button below to enroll now.

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