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OrganiSZing Canva Course

Master organizing your Canva workspace
in under one hour and never search for a design again!


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OrganiSZing Canva Course

Master organizing your Canva workspace,in under one hour and never search for a design again!


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Do you want your Canva workspace to be organized in 2024 and forget the hot mess of 2023, so that you can content-create more efficiently, post to social media more quickly & effortlessly and focus on growing your business successfully?

  • Does looking at the clutter of your Canva home screen make you dizzy and make you want to give up even before you start?
  • Are you never sure which designs you created for Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, so you keep posting the wrong sized images?
  • Have you once used a Canva template or element that you really love only to never find it again?

If you want to:

  • escape from the paralyzing Canva workspace chaos;
  • be inspired to create scroll-stopping social media content; and
  • know confidently you'll always find what you've created;

with this course, in under an hour, you can start decluttering your Canva workspace to free up your brain space & time, so you can take the stress out of content creation and invest your valuable time in your clients, growing your business and doing the things you love!

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Liz Geeslin is my very first student from the day the course launched on the 16th of December 2022!

"When I first heard about the OrganiSZing Canva course I thought it might be too long or expensive but I was pleased with the length and the information and I thought it was a fair price."

"What I liked most about the course, was why it is important to NAME things and how Ursula encouraged students to NOT look at the huge page of designs but go just to our folders."

"I would definitely recommend this course because it was clear, not too long but covered a lot of good organizing information."

Liz Geeslin, Better Lifestyle Solutions, USA
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Course Outline

This course outline shows you the structure as well as the length of each lesson.

Section 2: Lessons is the bit that will take less than an hour to teach you what's needed to get your Canva designs organized.

S1: OrganiSZing Canva

L1: Course Overview: 1:46 mins


S2: Lessons

L1: Folder Management: Folder names and structure 8:06 mins

  • PDF to brainstorm¬† your own folder structures


L2: Naming Conventions: Design names and saving designs 7:06 mins

  • PDF to brainstorm your own naming conventions


L3: OrganiSZing Designs: Moving and saving designs into the relevant folders 6:59 mins


L4: Using Designs & Creating Templates: Duplicating design pages for changes & creating your own templates 11:05 mins


L5: Managing Designs: One design per document 9:38 mins


S3: Extras:

L1: Managing Uploads: Saving images & uploaded images to your own folders 6:50 mins


L2: Starring Folders & Templates: Saving Canva elements to your own folders 3:34 mins


S4: Templates:

L1: Instagram Post Template: 1080 x 1350 Instagram post template with guides 5:10 mins


L2: Instagram Reels Covers Templates: 1080 x 1920 Instagram video/reel cover templates with guides 6:11 mins


L3: Saving Brand Templates: Saving templates to your brand kit 4:15 mins


L4: Using Template Guides: Using guides from templates on posts or reels covers that don't have guides on 4:48 mins


The course is self-paced and you can get support by leaving your questions in the comments below each lesson where I'll respond.

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On the course you will learn to...

Consolidate all your existing and new Canva designs into one place and figure out what stays and what goes.

Categorize, filter and refine to determine what belongs where and how to get it into the order YOU want it in.

Be consistent and ensure that your Canva designs never turn into the hot mess you left behind in 2022, ever again.

Getting organized is easier than you think

This one-hour course has 5 easy, short lessons that will show you the basics and there are extras and templates that will give you more guidance on your way to staying Canva-organized!

If you have questions you can leave them in the comments below the lessons and I'll give you the support you need.

"I think if the OrganiSZing Canva Course had been more expensive, I would have thought twice but the price was a great deal and I liked the fact that it was a short course, easy to complete in an hour."

"It is a great, straightforward course and I love the way there was no upsell attached‚ÄĒI hate that!"

Shonagh Brown, Shona & Co Collective, Australia
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Hi there, I'm Ursula!

Over the past 30 years I've become a wiz at organizing all things "digital & electronic filing".

I'd love to help you get back more of your time and sanity! With this course you will get your Canva workspace organized and de-cluttered, doing a proverbial 'Marie Kondo' on your Canva files!

Click below and get started with organizing your Canva workspace!

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