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Turn your Instagram chaos into an
Instagram dream

The IG OrganiSZer®

Your tool to organize
digital IG content

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Turn your Instagram chaos into an
Instagram dream

IG OrganiSZer®

Your tool to organize
digital IG content

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Start your digital transformation today


You've bulk created some content but now you're not sure:

  • what you've already posted?

  • whether you saved the captions and the images in the same place?

  • you can figure out what fits together without opening all the files again?

Now you're over all the confusion and you're just about to give up! Using the IG OrganiSZer® will eliminate all this time-wasting and the stress it creates.

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IGOrganiSZer course material overview

"I'm a non-technical, technology-phobic person, who has been amazed at how easy the IG OrganiSZer is to set up and use.

Ursula has offered amazing support and I am keen to get everything happening.

I will certainly recommend this product!"

Sonya Nicol, Coach & Celebrant, New Zealand
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Why organize digital content?

Get more time to focus on promoting your business and increasing sales

More peace of mind, knowing all your content puts out a cohesive message

It's taking the stress out of showing off your products or services to the world

"She has designed valuable tools and assets that help to relieve the digital organization struggle. Ursula helps with more than just file management...she helps people get back time and life. No more hunting for files or videos or captions!"

Melissa Gunnarson, Nutrition Coach, USA
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What the IG OrganiSZer® has to offer

Built on software you're probably already using on either PC or Mac, there are many resources that come with the one-time purchase of the IG OrganiSZer® and is a system that provides a place where all your content can be stored sensibly, in an easy-to-find way.

Here is the full list of what's included for you.

  • A custom OrganiSZer OneNote that covers everything Instagram.
  • Naming conventions that stop confusion.
  • An easy-to-understand folder structure that creates order.
  • Templates for Canva, Photoshop & Camtasia to ensure that all your images and videos will be the right dimensions.
  • Spreadsheets to capture hashtags, do character counts and do some performance analysis.
  • An annually updated planning calendar, so you can truly plan and see when you need to post when.
  • Weekly Q&A calls where you can have your questions answered in person.
  • Support through comments on the lessons as well as email.
  • Regular tips & tricks provided through my blog.
  • Last but not least, lifetime access to the course and all future updates!

All of this for the one-off price of

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Never lose a piece of content again

How would you feel if all your Instagram content was completely organized so you never again lost that video, image or caption you put SO much effort into creating?

I help solopreneurs and small business owners like you, who struggle to keep their Instagram content safe and organized, to sort out the mess so that they can put more time into generating sales.

"It's easy and understandably explained, every single step in detail—best course ever. Thank you, Ursula, for making not just my life easier, I guess for many hundreds as well.

It's a must have course, no questions asked!"

Steffi August, Coach, Author & Public Speaker, New Zealand
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Who am I?

"Hi there, I developed the IG OrganiSZer® system to give you control over managing your Instagram content."

Have you tried the other planning and scheduling apps for Instagram out there but found that they don't actually teach you how to manage your amazing content at all?

'Rinse and repeat' steps eliminate unnecessary time and energy spent on social media because let's face it, it can take a lot of time and effort to manage it all!

Ursula is one of the easiest people to get on with and has amazing knowledge on how to keep organized with your files on your computer."

Antonia Radon, Arapawa Blue Pearls, New Zealand
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Learn my 5 key steps to start getting your content organized today!

All it will take to get you going is 20 minutes of your time to watch my FREE online training and you'll have your starting point to eliminating the irritation of never finding the content you need to post now!

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