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Hi, I’m Ursula and I am excited to help you organize your Instagram life!

Ursula Hurn, founder of IGOrganiszer

Organizing you to get more sales

Like you, I use Instagram to promote my business, the IG OrganiSZer® and it takes effort to create the quality content that's needed.

When we're not organized, we're less efficient at promoting your business and we all know what that leads to—less sales!

Imagine how relieved you'd feel if you knew where all your content was, that it was organized & easily accessible and your posting would take 5 minutes and not hours?

What you will learn


Not being able to find your content when you need it wastes valuable time and causes stress & frustration. I've created the IG OrganiSZer® system to solve these problems for you.

Through a self-paced, online course I'll teach you:

  • where to save your content;
  • what file names to use; and
  • how to organize it all;

which will take away the stress of managing your Instagram life.

If you're not naturally organized, it's a skill that can be learned.


I've worked in many industries where I've had to organize many things - projects, paper filing systems, electronic files, documentation. And I have loved all of it.

Having grown and matured into my organizational ability, for most of my life I have been under the impression that if I could do something, everyone else could do it too.

Turns out, this is very much NOT the case. Just because I have a natural skill, it doesn't mean that everyone else has it too but I can teach you this skill of how to get organized.


"Ursula is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to digital organization.

Her IG OrganiSZer course teaches individuals how to truly get a handle on all of the digital artifacts that are created with an IG presence through a systematic approach.

She has designed valuable tools and assets that help to relieve the digital organization struggle. Ursula helps with more than just file management...she helps people get back time and life. No more hunting for files or videos or captions!

She cares deeply and has created a community of ongoing support and learning. I am so grateful to have met Ursula and learn from her. Each layer of the IG OrganiSZer that I implement makes my digital world a more beautiful and better place to be.

Thank you Ursula for everything!!"

Melissa Gunnarson, Nutrition Coach

Nutritionist Melissa Gunnarson, IGOrganiszer client

I love people and I love helping people succeed.


When I see business owners struggle with creating the content for their Instagram posts, then not being able to find it when they need to post it, I just want to help! 

It's really not hard to be organized. I think for most people the biggest stumbling block, is not knowing where to start. That's why I put together my free webinar that gives you 5 easy steps to follow, that will get you started on getting your social media content organized.

Over the stress of Instagramming?

Here's what to do if you're ready to change that!

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Maybe the most valuable 20 minutes of your life? Learn 5 key steps to start organizing your Instagram content. Watch out for the special discount.

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Start organizing today!

Don't reinvent the wheel! Buy the IG OrganiSZer® today and jump right into organizing your Instagram content without delay.

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Do you know where you saved your last file?

Being organized is not difficult, all you need is a system that's easy to implement and follow, which is what the IG OrganiSZer® is—a custom built system, based on software you more than likely already use.

Follow this rinse-and-repeat strategy and dissolve the stress around your Instagramming!

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Learn my 5 key steps to start getting your content organized today!

All it will take to get you going is 20 minutes of your time to watch my free online training and you'll have your starting point to eliminating the irritation of never finding the content you need to post now!

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