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Organizational Apps Series: Episode 7 - Evernote

Jan 20, 2023

Organizational Apps Episode 7: Evernote

Software Provider

Evernote is provided by a privately owned company with its headquarters in Redwood City, California. As with the other apps, Evernote has a free & paid versions which start at $8.67NZD (paid annually)


Operating Systems

It's available cross-platform BUT you can only sync across 2 devices on the free version. On-line is counted as one so if you have it on your phone and PC you can't use it online—bit odd.

You're limited to 2 unsyncs/m, I suppose because people sync and unsync to use more devices but I'd rather offer people a carrot than wave a stick at them to upgrade!

Primary Use

Evernote is for note-taking like OneNote but it doesn't have the 3D functionality, so it's a flat structure like most of the other apps discussed.

It was originally created to capture web snippets so pasting those and URLs works well. You are able to paste links to internal notebook pages as well but not to local files.

Basic Functionality

It has a variety of templates in the free version in the form of notes, to do lists, planners of a various types but it does have a project plan template for creating a timeline for task start & end dates. When I tried to access the templates on the desktop version however, they wouldn't show up.

You can make 100,000 notes in all the versions, your note size is limited to 25mb in the free version but you can have 250 notebooks so you can store quite a bit of 'stuff'.

There is quite a bit of text formatting capability and you can insert drawings which gives you access to the pen tools etc.

You can search your notes but I didn't put in much info, so didn't test that.


Hope this was useful and as always if you have any questions about Evernote, please send me an email!


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