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Organizational Apps Series: Episode 3 - Notion

Dec 20, 2022

Organizational Apps Episode 3: Notion

Software Provider

Notion was created by a startup company called Notion Labs which is based in San Francisco and version 2.0 was released in 2018. It has a free and paid versions that start at US$10/mnth.

Operating Systems

Notion works on both Mac and PC through a desktop app, mobile devices as well as through an Internet browser, so you can access it from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Primary Use

Notion is a collaboration platform that integrated workflow boards (similar to Trello), wikis and databases and allows collaboration with guests (free) and teams (paid).

Basic Functionality

Notion has many templates for a variety of uses, home, students, HR, engineering, project management, etc. The templates have pre-designed pages but you can select several templates and move the individual pages you want into one set and delete the rest, thereby building your own 'book' as it were.

The template pages are pre-designed so you cannot change them, only add content to what's been provided.

You can insert images, videos, audio recordings etc but the file size is limited to 5MB per file on the free version and the recommendation is for between 2-3GB on the paid versions otherwise you get performance issues.

With Notion you can insert links to internal pages and external URLs and you can embed a Google drive cloud storage locations. You can also sync with Asana and Trello but probably wouldn't want to be using three different apps!

The text formatting options are pre-determined so can be selected but can't be changed.

You can search across all pages and templates you've used, filtering by a number of search criteria.

As I also say in the video, if you haven't used another app that does similar things, getting used to this one would probably be OK but when you start comparing with others you might have used, your opinion would be different.


Hope this was useful and as always if you have any questions about Notion, please send me an email!


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