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Facebook & Instagram Account Woes - How to Minimize Them

Jan 25, 2024

Facebook and Instagram Account Woes

I am sure most of you will have your own story about this!!

I know this is something I keep harping on about but I really can't stress it enough, with all your social media apps, particularly if you are using them to promote your business, it is SO important to have all your account information kept in a safe place and to know how your accounts interlink with each other if they do.

You need to have backup methods to get into your accounts if something happens which locks you out and you need to protect your accounts by using two-factor authentication or 2FA which is the abbreviation that's used.

I have been approached by a number of people who have had issues with their Facebook or Instagram accounts where they have been:

  • locked out;
  • were hacked;
  • have lost their password;
  • haven't been able to figure out how their accounts are linked or not linked; or
  • why stuff that's being posted to their private Facebook page is ending up on their business Instagram account, making a complete hash of what that looks like!

Very often it's a case of not knowing what you don't know and trying to figure that out can be a nightmare!

The best advice I can give everyone about these issues is the following:

  1. Know which email address you have used to sign up to the account whether it's Facebook, Instagram or any other social media account.
  2. Keep a note of the password you have created for the account and make sure it's a strong one.
  3. Set up a backup email you can sign in with.
  4. Set up 2FA.
  5. Allow logging in across accounts.
  6. Make sure there is a photo of you on your account.
  7. If you have made use of an agency to do your social media posting, get your passwords from them and log into your account regularly so that you can make sure you always have the most up to date password.

In the video I show you how to turn off the automatic posting from your personal Facebook account to your business Instagram account if this is happening to you.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me directly.

Big hugs till next time!

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