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IG OrganiSZer process for posting content to Instagram

Instagram Posting Process from the IG OrganiSZer

process read - 03 min Jul 04, 2022

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Process for posting to Instagram

How do you go about creating an IG post??

I know I've put this out as a post on IG but I thought it would be useful to have it here as well for ease of reference!

Here is my process for creating and posting a post, as this may help if you're not sure where to start!!

 All my post thoughts are kept in my IG OrganiSZer OneNote in the IG Post Captions section. I've planned content topics I'm going to cover so, these are the steps I follow to create and put up a post.

  1. Check Post Captions for next topic. If not yet created, decide content type—image post, video, reel etc. ➡ 2 else if created ➡ 5.
  2. If video/reel, create on PC/Mac or create reel on phone, save to drafts & write caption. ➡ 3.
  3. Decide which hashtags and how many to use. Open Hashtags Recorder, see if they are already tracked or add if they're new ones. Have the caption open in OneNote, do research through IG in browser, record post counts and add hashtags to caption. 4.
  4. Copy caption & hashtags, paste into a cell B2 in Excel spreadsheet, use formula =LEN(B2) to count characters. If less than or equal to 2,200, write count below caption in OneNote & number of hashtags used, if greater than 2,200, edit to 2200 or less, then add info below caption. ➡ 5.
  5. Check feed design in Canva, decide on image(s) for post or video/reel cover and create. ➡ 6.
  6. If video/image post ➡ 7 if reel on PC ➡ 10 else if on phone ➡ 14.
  7. On PC go to IG on browser, click + to create new post. Upload images/video.
  8. From ON, copy caption and hashtags and paste into IG post.
  9. Share. ➡ 18.
  10. Copy reel video & cover to phone.
  11. Open OneNote on phone, find caption & copy to clipboard.
  12. Open IG on phone, click + to create new Reel, add video, add cover, paste in caption & hashtags.
  13. Share. ➡ 18.
  14. Copy reel cover to phone.
  15. Open OneNote on phone, find caption & copy to clipboard.
  16. Open IG on phone, go to profile, click on Reels, select draft reel, add cover, paste in caption & hashtags.
  17. Click share. ➡ 18.
  18. End.

Hope that’s clear enough! It's quite hard to get a process out of your head in a sensible way sometimes!!

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