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Organizational Apps Series: Episode 6 - Notability

organizing read - 03 min watch - 04 min Jan 19, 2023

Organizational Apps Episode 6: Notability

Software Provider

Notability is another iOS product and as with the others has a free version and a paid version. The paid version is only US$14.99 per annum which is cheaper than all the other apps I have looked at.

Operating Systems

Currently there is only a Mac version. They may look at producing an Android version later down the track. Notability, however, only works through the app and doesn't work through Safari. If you want to work across devices, you have to sync your data to the iCloud but the free version doesn't sync so you have to pay for that functionality.

Primary Use

Notability is purely for note-taking and it's a flat structure and doesn't let you create sub-pages.

Basic Functionality

There are many templates such as daily, monthly & yearly planners, calendars, notebook pages, budgets etc.

You have right click and choose 'insert text box', as all on-page typing is left-aligned and text boxes are not automatically created if you start typing anywhere on the page, as with OneNote.

You can insert images, files & make a voice recording and you can also copy & paste images or screenshots—I did find when I copied and pasted text, it pasted as a picture with no option to paste it as text.

You can insert external URL links and links to external cloud storage files like Drop Box etc and you can import PDFs to annotate.

There is lots of text formatting capability and you can use the pen tool and highlighters etc. Interestingly, the pen tool shows pressure strokes which is great for drawing.

Not sure how good the search function is as I didn't put enough info in to test and I could also not establish what the editing limits are on the free version.


Hope this was useful and as always if you have any questions about Notability, please send me an email!


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