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5 Key Steps to Organising your Instagram Content

So that you can grow your IG page faster; make life easier; free up your time.


"Where is that post I just created??!!" you ask yourself — "I KNOW I saved it somewhere!!!"

  • Are your Instagram posts, videos & captions all on your computer desktop or hiding in your My Documents folder somewhere?
  • Do you remember what you called that video you made, which you were going to post today?
  • Is the system you started not working like you wanted it to?

Not being organised is stopping you from promoting your business successfully on Instagram.

Free up your brain space and time so you can:

  • take the stress out of Instagramming;

and spend your time:

  • serving more clients & growing your business; and
  • doing the things you love!

Hi there, I'm Ursula!

Over the past 30 years I've become a wiz at organising all things "digital & electronic filing".

I'd love to help you get back more of your time, so please watch my free webinar, learn my 5 key steps and start getting your Instagram content organised.

Oh and don't forget to download the handout before the time, so that you can jot down your own notes!

Don't reinvent the wheel!

Start getting organised today.

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Would you like to...

Use a system that works

Consolidate all your existing Instagram content, as well as all the new 'stuff' you are creating, into one place.

Create order

Categorise, filter and refine to determine what belongs where and how to get it into the order YOU want it in.

Avoid chaos

Be consistent and ensure that your Instagram content never gets into disorganised chaos again.

Getting organised is easier than you think

It's going take 20 minutes for you to learn the 5 key steps but it's going to be the 20 minutes that will multiply the amount of time you save in the future!

I know you're all busy and life happens, so if the current event time doesn't exactly suit you or you think you might get interrupted, register anyway. I'll send you a link afterwards to watch it again if life happened.

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