OrganiSZing Canva 'Doing it' Sessions

Come and join one of my 'doing it' sessions,
to organize your Canva designs.
Limited to 5 students per sesh!


Pick your session

If you want to organise your Canva workspace and designs but you can't be bothered with another online course, jump onto one of my 'doing it' sessions.

  • All sessions will be run through Zoom.
  • Sessions will be approximately one and a half hours long.
  • Bookings close 30 minutes before session starts.
  • There will be no more than five students per session.
  • First, I'll run through the basics.
  • We'll take a look at individual accounts to assess 'the mess'.
  • Then we'll get stuck in to get things sorted, with everyone working on their own files and folders as we go!

The Basics

The Basics will cover:

  • Folder Management: Folder names and structure. You can download a PDF to brainstorm your own folder structures before the session.
  • Naming Conventions: Design names and saving designs. You can also download a PDF to brainstorm your own naming conventions before the session.
  • OrganiSZing Designs: Moving and saving designs into the relevant folders.
  • Using Designs: Duplicating designs or pages when making changes or re-using.

Getting organized is easier than you think

Join one of my 'doing it' sessions and if you need more assistance you can book further one-on-one sessions as and when required.

Available Session Times

23/24 Mar '23

PST THU ,23 Mar 1:30PM

CST THU, 23 Mar 3:30PM

EST THU, 23 Mar 4:30PM

GMT THU, 23 Mar 8:30PM

AEST FRI, 24 Mar 6:30AM

NZDT FRI, 24 Mar 9:30AM

5 Seats

Bookings close 30 mins prior to start time.

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26/27 Mar '23

PST SUN 19 Mar 6:30pm

CST SUN, 19 Mar 8:30pm

EST SUN, 19 Mar 9:30pm

GMT MON, 20 Mar 2:30am

AEST MON, 20 Mar 11:30am

NZDT MON, 20 Mar 2:30pm

5 Seats

Bookings close 30 mins prior to start time.

Book now

28/29 Mar '23

PST TUE, 21 Mar 10:30am

CST TUE, 21 Mar 12:30pm

EST TUE, 21 Mar 1:30pm

GMT TUE, 21 Mar 6:30pm

AEST WED, 22 Mar 3:30am

NZDT WED, 22 Mar 6:30am

5 Seats

Bookings close 13 hrs prior to start time.

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Not seeing a session that works for you?

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Book your own one-on-one session!

If you'd rather have your own session, booked when it suits you:

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Hi there, I'm Ursula!

Over the past 30 years I've become a wiz at organizing all things "digital & electronic filing".

I'd love to help you get back more of your time and sanity! With this 'doing it sesh' you'll be well on your way to getting your Canva workspace organized and de-cluttered, doing a proverbial 'Marie Kondo' on your Canva files!