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Sorting Electronic Files using Lego

Oct 31, 2022

Welcome to the last October Tips & Tricks!

Sorting Electronic Files using Lego Blocks

Can you see an image in your head of what it would look like to have your digital files sorted into different folders?

Sometimes it's easier to wrap your head around something if you see a visual representation, so I've enlisted the help of the Digital Squirrel and some Lego blocks and I'll show you how to sort files and what it might look like when you're done!

I've also demonstrated sorting files into folders, putting together posts & reels and building your Instagram profile grid and what to do in the case of disaster!!

Remember the IG OrganiSZer® can save you a world of pain should this disaster happen to you!

Hope this was useful and as always if you have any questions, please send me a message!


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