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Downloading Instagram Reels through Meta Business Suite

Nov 08, 2022

Welcome to the first Tips & Tricks for November!

Downloading Instagram Reels through Meta Business Suite

Did you know you can download your Instagram reels through the Meta backend?

After locking myself out of my account and deciding to create & rebuild a new one, I realised there were some reels I'd made on my phone but I hadn't downloaded while I still had access.

I could look at them on that account through the app using my new account, I could save them in my saved posts but found NO way to download them! I could do the same through the PC app but there was still no download option.

Because I had linked my FB and IG accounts through Meta, I looked at the content through there to see if there was a way to download them.

There was AND when you downloaded them, they kept whatever filters & music you'd added through the reels app!

Using Meta, if you look at your 'Posts and stories' and click on the 'Feed and grid' option, it shows your FB & IG content side-by-side, displaying both as they appear on the FB feed and IG grid—showing one post after the other.

You can only adjust the playback speed from the 3 little dots in the bottom right BUT if you RIGHT click on the video, the contextual menu that pops up gives you the option to save the video!

Once I had saved the reels I needed, I reposted them in the correct position on my grid as per my original account, wondering whether the music & filters would be removed.

To my delight, the IG app recognised the digital signatures for both the music & filters, so when they had finished uploading, they displayed correctly with music & filters, showing which had been used in both cases! Great WIN!

Needless to say since then, every reel created solely from my phone, is download from the Meta backend and store in the appropriate folder along with the other content from the reel—as my ongoing insurance policy!!!

Hope this was useful and as always if you have any questions, please send me a message!


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